Nature Photography in Defense of the Planet


I hope my photographs and this website will inspire viewers to get out into nature themselves and appreciate the spiritual and esthetic benefits of entering intact wild environments. Relentless and unrestrained human population growth and development gnaw at the earth's last wild and pristine places as you read this. Conserving our remaining healthy ecosystems and their animal species is vital to the health of our planet and to the survival of humankind itself! If you leave this website with a renewed or enhanced sense of stewardship for our Earth and its species, my work will have served its purpose. As this site evolves, I am adding captions and blog essays about the ecology of regions and species in my images. I also explore and suggest some options for worthwhile wildlife conservation organizations for your charitable giving. Please donate to one or more of them- help fight back against the ongoing Anthropocene Mass Extinction Event. If you purchase a print, you help fund my ongoing work in the field and my commitment to reaching and motivating as many people as possible. Above all, enjoy the site!